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Post Harada DLA-01 Door Lock Actuator Replacement (Update?)

I have read the tech articles and a couple of other posts about replacing tired factory actuators (motors) with the Harada DLA-01 and wanted to throw out a possible update since the posts that I have seen were a few years old and the Harada may have changed. Of course it may not have changed, as I have seen a grand total of one of them. From what I had read hear it was necessary to drill new holes in the door to mount the new actuator, as it would be slightly off from being able to mount in the old holes. By flipping the actuator 90* so that it is in the same orientation as the stock one, you can simply unbolt the bracket from the old one and reuse it on the new one and not have to drill anything (caveat to that is that I drilled out the mounting holes on the Harada about a 32nd over so that a #6 x 1 1/4" fine thread machine bolt will fit easily). The Harada was basically a direct replacement for the original by using the old bracket. I just used some new bolts to attach it to the door in place of the original rivets that I ground off. I'm guessing that maybe Harada changed their mounting hole location as I'm sure whoever has done this in the past has probably checked to see if they could install it without driling new holes in the door. I'm sure I didn't make a new discovery here, just thought I'd point out something that I hadn't read about yet.

Also, it was necessary to use part of the extension and the coupling piece that comes with the Harada as it will be a couple inches shy of reaching the Jeep linkage. It was all very very simple and straightforward, even though it may sound kind of convoluted. With a liberal application of carb cleaner followed by a liberal application of WD-40 (out with the old gunked up grease, in with the new), the driver door on the Ag Wag now locks and unlocks like it was brand new. Up next now that I have seen the quality of the Harada part (I ordered one to start with, in case it was junk and there was a better option) are 2 other actuator replacements.

Happy locking.

Link to the orignal tech article:
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