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unclbuk, I finally got my truck back and just went out and checked the settings I have.

My settings are

Prime fuel multi is -20
Crank Fuel 20F is set at 97.7
Crank Fuel 65F is set at 97.7
Crank Fuel 170F is set at 68.8

I think what I did was start at the factory settings then adjust the crank fuel up and down which made little difference so I began turning the prime fuel multi off completely then began turning the others up until I saw improvement. eventually I had the crank fuels maxed out so I then began dialing the prime fuel multi back up until I got the best results for cold and hot starts alike.

I will say it still doesn't start as quickly as it did with half a pump with the carb but it is much better than it did with the factory settings.

It might be worth noting that I live where summer mornings are usually in the 50s or 60s and winter seldom gets below 20f and when it gets below 35f I have an oil pan heater to keep my oil warm.
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