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Rhino Grille Reproductions

My original thread is now a few years old and unfortunately photobucket has taken my photos hostage $$$ So I'm starting a new thread. I've been building and selling these grilles for a few years and to answer the #1 question I get...... YES, I'm still making them. Please read below for details

What it is-a reproduction gladiator/rhino grille taken directly from an original. Its made of fiberglass and is finished in primer. The grille has the exact shape and dimensions as an original. It will bolt up just like the real thing. The grille can easily be painted with automotive paint or if you really take your time sanding you can also use a chrome paint

What it isn't-a show piece that will win you a trophy at the next competition. There are minor imperfections since the original was not perfect but in really good shape. There are small spots here and there that need to be sanded flush. This was due to minor imperfections in the mold due to tiny air bubbles. It does look very good strait on and from five feet away looks nearly perfect. A close inspection will of course reveal the imperfections. It would take many many hours to make it perfect to the point where I'd have to charge way more than anyone would want to pay.

I will leave the 5 mounting tabs undrilled so that each customer can adjust where the grille gets mounted. I know on my 82 I had to mount my original gladiator a little lower so the hood wouldn't hit it when closed. The tabs on the repro grille are wide enough to where each customer should be able to drop it down far enough for the hood to clear. Those with older style hoods will not have this problem since the hood is shaped differently.

Prices are as follows: Grille $160, Grille with emblem $175. full kit-grille/emblem/pie pans $210. Shipping generally runs in the $30-$50 range.

If you are interested in a grille please email me I mainly build these late spring through early fall with summer being when I am able to produce the most. I try to produce extra inventory but usually sell out by winter. At that time I can add you to the wait list for spring. I do not take deposits. I just build them and contact you when its done. If you don't have the funds at the moment it goes to the next person in line. Paypal is my preferred payment method. Email me at with any questions.
For Sale Custom built reproduction Rhino Grilles me for details or email

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