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Originally Posted by babywag
Aww come on…can't be any worse than what I did on my '90 when I first installed the TBI.

Mixed up a wire, and let some smoke out.
Fuel pump wire was tan
O2 sensor ground is tan w/ white stripe.

Tied tan fuel pump wire to ground, when I turned the key 1st time = smoking' wire
Easy fix, but felt pretty stupid that I wasn't more careful.

Everything was hooked up. Turn key, fuel pump primes, tbi primes, turn it over and fires for half a sec running on tbi prime gas. No tach signal. Go over everything. Call fitech. He tells me how to test tach signal on fitech and it's good. He's never heard of a jeep prestolite lol. He says fitech is finicky for tach signal and that ignition might not work!
So angry we race to summit, buy a hei. Race to auto zone for some cheap wires. Race home to install it all. Just about to pull dist and something dawns on me. Check coil wires and sure enough they are wired backwards. Tach signal wire on positive....power wire on neg!
Fix it, turn key fires first revolution lol
Sorry for the novel!
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