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Im going crazy looking at everyones progress and not being able to work on my own!! Its looking like my cars going to take another 2-3 months to finish, then I can finally get going on swapping the rams drivetrain over to its new frame. until then im loving the 6spd commuting everday.

I bought some new-to-me wheels and tires since the others were no longer roadworthy. Theyre 18" rims, ill buy some new 37" 's when theyre on the kaiser, until then ill wear down these 33" 's. The chrome isnt bad, but is pitting, and im more into the blacked out look, so ill paint them eventually.

Im buying a 4" downpipe and exhaust back to a black 6" single stack (probably with a flapper) and installing it whenever it gets here.

Im also talking with someone on another forum to get a set of 70-90hp injectors, which should be perfect for me to max out the stock hx35 and be where i want to power wise. My friend whose going to help me with the swap, got all new gages in his truck, so i could get the engine tuned to how i want it before i swap it over. Im also looking into winches (electric vs hydraulic) but thats looking too far ahead unless i can find a great deal on it

and my work in progress/scrap metal-thanks to ignorant, clueless girl:

EDIT: I also got these with some of the tire money from the sale, itll also be the start of my on board air system. Ill get another compressor and bigger tank when its in the kaiser. I also ordered a 4" downpipe, but dont know if im going to be running an 'aussie' style stack or miter cut w/ a flapper, ill know by monday and hopefully will have it installed in the ram friday
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