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A bit more progress this weekend:

I got the balancer removed from the engine and machined the back of it to accept the crank trigger wheel, I'll machine up the trigger wheel this week, it will press on the back of the balancer hub, probably going to make a 36-1 or 48-1 wheel, I'll see how much room I have when I get it drawn up.

Also got the temp sensor installed in the manifold, there was a perfect unused spot for it in the edelbrock intake. Ended up draining the radiator and removing it from the jeep since the side brackets were broke off where they get soldered to the radiator up top, going to take that into a radiator shop tomorrow to get that fixed up while I'm at it.

Started in on the gas tank removal but didn't get too far on that yet.

Here's some pics of the balancer and temp sensor.

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