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Originally Posted by tgreese
That case looks like a standard cast aluminum project box. Those are great for this purpose; much better than the case supplied with the MS kit, I'd think. There is a line of these boxes that has a silicone gasket in the lid - is that what you used? How did you seal the penetrations?

Looks like the PCV port comes out of the front of the TB - darned inconvenient for the AMC app.

The case is a Hammond 1550WGBK it's a little bigger than needed but there's lots of room on the fender well so it's not an issue. It comes with a nice watertight seal on the lid. I've used a similar one on my yamaha quad efi conversion. The newer boxes actually have a replaceable seal on the lid which I like better, the molded silicone seals tends to wear out over time, the one on my quad has seen better days.

The main connector is an ampseal 35 pin connector which is waterproof, these are great automotive grade connectors, I wish the megasquirt had provisions for these right from the get go. The rest of the penetrations are just some small screws that are silicone sealed and two bulkhead connectors. In the link above you can see where I submerged the thing for 15min underwater and it was dry as a bone when I took it out.

And yeah, why didn't GM put that PCV port in the back for me I'm going to take the adapter plate back off and put a fitting in the back of it for the PCV and just block off all the tbi ports in the front. There is one port in the back of the tbi that I will use for the MAP sensor.

Also did some searching and found that GM did not use a throttle return spring on the TBI units, so I took that spring off and am just going to use the two built in torsion springs on the TBI itself, they seem more than enough.

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