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Originally Posted by JeepsAndGuns
So.........., you ever gonna paint your doors to match? I have OCD and its been about to drive me nuts for the past few years.

Did you "shave" or weld over the vent holes on the grille? Or are the holes still there and you just havent put them on? IN the pic it kinda looks like they are not there. And it actually looks pretty good.

Ahhh, maybe when I get done with school next spring I can actually get back to work on the rig/s. This'n is going to be all '80 dark green metallic by the time it's done, had a Laredo Chero in that color and is was sweet. The valence is off a '76 and the holes aren't filled in but I still have the original valence to put back on there when I've widened the radiator support for the V8 radiator and replace a few broken bolts.
It's never been stuck on cement, although as long it's sat there you might think it was stuck. Now that the NP435/doubler is together and temporarily intstalled I'm acutually close to figuring driveline length and ordering the shafts, but I still may lift it more first and I want that all sorted first. As far as the Ground Hawgs not flexing, at least that is an advantage side hilling but I don't expect them to be much for a rock tire. At 17"s wide they'll do ok in the mud with Detroits and 4.88s.
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