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$800 doesn't sound outrageous for a complete pro rebuild of an OHC I-6 head. Fix the head, it's cheaper than a "good" motor swap. The 230 OHC motor is a good motor and in good condition plenty adequate for normal use...BUT... they are maint intensive motors. Frequent valve adjustments, new timing chains, constant oil leaks from the timing cover. Bad rigid motor mount design trashes the timing cover gasket. MOST critical is check oil level "OFTEN!" As in don't rely on the oil light.
Low oil level starves the top end first and eats the cam...$$$ and hard to find new. Was main cause for 230 failure back in their day.
Kanters Auto 'used' to sell them but don't know if they still do? Spec out the crank on yours and if still good, fix the head.
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