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Originally Posted by PlasticBoob
Not sure what the flow rate is, but I would wager that the TBI unit from a Chevy 4.3l V6 (160hp) would work just fine on a 230 once you get it mounted. I'm running a 454 unit on a 401 (407 actually, a 47 cubic inch difference), and the difference between the 4.3 and the 230 is even less - 32 cubic inches.

There is also the TBI unit from a GM LG6 (or similar) 3.1l V6 that might be more in line with the power output of a Tornado. That might be a better match.

I still see a good amount of them whenever I visit the junkyards, too. Just something to consider.

The Tornado is one of the coolest engines around, is there any way you could take some videos of it running? There's not a lot of high quality Tornado videos around. Would love to hear the exhaust too!

I haven't looked into a TBI set up yet, but now you've got me thinking. I've had my engine running with the 1 barrel carb, and just picked up the 2 barrel manifold, so I'd like to get that dialed in so that I can drive it before I dive into something else.

The idea of the TBI for cold starts sure sounds amazing though. We have just a couple of those here in Montana.

I can definitely get some videos of it running, but I'll need to get my cylinder head back first
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