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Back from the dead! Fuel Sender 68 Thriftside

Truck has been sitting for many years in storage. Had a friend come over and after getting a spark and finally fuel in the carb, guess what it started and ran like a champ.
Gas in the tin cup ran out and we decided to trouble shoot the lines. New rubber hoses had been installed. New plastic tank and I believe the fuel sender was replaced. Yanked the tank poured out gummy smelly gas and then we removed the sending unit. It looked like it had been left in the ocean for years.
The float was completely dissolved and the trash/rust from the sender is all in the bottom of the tank.
Washed out tank with the equivalent of 409 and soap and water. Should clean up like new.

Ordered a new sender. I am hoping they are the same in a Thriftside or longbed J-10. Mine is a J2500. Am I going to be disappointed when it arrives?
900 plus pictures not in any order taken during restoration. (Plus a couple of assorted pictures that down loaded.)
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