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Originally Posted by FSJ Guy
I was told that the limousine did not have air conditioning when I purchased it. But when I removed the covers on the front divider and the rear-facing seat, I found the air conditioning unit for the back.

I don't have power to the fan, yet, however. But everything else in the back (heater fan, lights, radio, liquor dispenser) has power.

For some reason, the A/C lines are SPLICED into the OE lines. As in spliced, I mean the lines are slipped over a hose barb and a regular hose clamp is used to hold the hose on. Is that kosher???

Once I get the blower motor working, I'll work on redoing the A/C lines correctly and getting a charge into the system.

Yes to the spliced joint. That what they used when they put an after market A/C unit in the new van I bought in 77.
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