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Originally Posted by babywag
Asking a loaded question HA'll get a lot of differing opinions.

If it was mine, I'd degrease the wee outta it, and then powerwash w/ HOT water.
My water heater has a drain that the powerwasher connects right up to!
Then followed by a good scrub with scotchbrite pads.
Treat any bare spots, prime it, paint it.

I wouldn't take it all down to bare metal. Just my .02
I'm pretty much in agreement with this. The firewall just looks dirty - Dawn and Scotchbrights (they wear out). Where there is surface rust, you either clean it and coat it (plenty for a Camarillo car IMO), or take it down to bright steel. Anything in-between like wire brushing doesn't add anything IMO. The places that look rusty I would clean and overpaint with Aluthane (my fave) or POR-15 or similar. I've also had good results from the Permatex rust treatment, which can also be over-painted.

You can get good results over a small area using a hand-held sand blaster: Harbor Freight has them too. A 50# bag of fine coal slag is $7 at Tractor Supply - cheap enough that you can sweep it up and throw it away.

Probably was only e-coat there inside of the fender, from the factory. No top coat. It's taken 40 years to rust this much ...
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