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I have just done a SOA on my wag so it is a little different than those pix. I had a D27 up front and with the 360 broke the spider gears 2 times. The first time I still had the q/trac transfer case and was coming out of a very deep mud hole and had forgotten to lock the t/case in e-drive. All the power went to the frt end and caused a lot of carnage (stripped out a drive flange, broke 2 studs on the frt drive shaft, wiped out all spider and side gears in the fer diff, removed the splines from the q/trac frt cone clutch and spun the rim inside the tire). The 2nd and last time was when I found that FSJ's are like chickens (they don't fly far or well) at the Silver Lake sand dunes and landed full throttle on the front wheels (up hill yet, Jeepguzzi's head left an inprint in my headliner). The D27 will hold up to moderate wheeling, but if you wheel hard then replace it with a D44.
I don't have a lot of pix of my junk under construction due to the fact at the time I was not online and thought I was alone in my love for these oddball heeps. I have taken some of the SOA conversion and have some others of other mods and as soon as I get my scanner working I will send you some.
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