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Issues? Do I have issues? Oh wait you mean on my wag
Lets see,
Brake lines.. I totally redid my brake plumbing due to the fact tht I wanted power assisted brakes with a dual master cylinder. My 65 only had a single cylinder. I relocated the front stock brackets to the bottom of the frame rail and then the stock hoses were fine. You will have to change the hard line to do this, due to the age of the hard line it is prolly a good idea anyhow.
In the rear, I made a dropped bracket and ran the new hard line to it. The stock rear hose works fine. I did replace front and rear hoses with new ones.
The rear shackle inversion on the rear is super simple, just jack up the truck by the frame, use a jack under the axle to support the weight, unbolt the spring from the shackle, drop the axle down, flip the shackle down and bolt up the spring. If you don't add a leaf or two it is possible for the shackle to flip back under extreme flex. With the extra leaves, I have never had this happen and I have had this puppy very airborne.
The ride is actually better than the 65 I have with saggy stock springs, although I do need new shocks as when I got her in the whoops, she porpoised really bad. You will need longer shocks front and rear. I cannot give specifics here as I have no idea what the ones I used came from nor do I remember the length. I went to the auto parts and matched up some that were longer than stock.
I can e-mail a pix but do not have a hosting service so not even a sig pix. Clark Griswald has a good pix of my junker somewhere on this forum. There was a post From Alli3 that wanted to see faces and my junk along with Millerluck's, Clark's, Jeepguzzi's and David Allen's rigs.
Just found the post,

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