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Rancho makes the (summit pn) RAN-RS24043 front spring for the early wag/glad's with 3" lift - YMMV on the amount, heard from 1.5 to 3, mine is about 3" or so. rears are not available.

the kit from rusty's might be the only exception, his was supposed to be priced around $500 with springs and shocks for 4" lift when I checked with him last year. I have not run across anybody who has installed his early wag 4" kit. But in talking with him, the spring rates that he quoted would have been right on the money for a nice ride.

On the rear, I went with a re-arch of the stock pack, a new leaf of similar width and thickness right under the main spring and did the rancho soft AAL (ran-rs60612) and new spring pack bolt on superlift 1.5" blocks for 74 and up (it fits fine). i did the rancho 9118 shocks all around, they are abit short on travel (they were for stock height -- if anybody wants to buy them...) gave me about 3" of lift in the rear. you can see the diff between stock and lift in the pictures of my rig in my link below. the rear rides real nice with this setup.

i used the rancho rs735 steering stabilizer. i also changed out the brake lines to "Earl's" braided lines, can get the PN if you want them, all around. bought them thru vic hubbard speed shop (may be national??)

If i had to do it again (and I probably will next summer) I'd redo the front leaf packs with springs from various junkyard rigs to build it up and add lift.

the rancho springs for the front are *too* hard vs the stock springs, really changes the ride and not for the better.

I use my rig mostly on highway and road, and some gravel paved forest service roads. Using the 4wd trail ratings as a guide, most of my stuff is level 1 and 2 style offroad driving.

Hope this helps

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