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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jeepbob:
The wavy noodle main leaves is a common problem. This is why I have a 78 cherokee main leaf with the loops cut off under the stock main leaf. Believe it or not the old main will straighten out when the load is off. The Cherokee leaf and the AAL will go the full length of the original spring from end to end so the only work the original leaf will have to do is hold the whole show in place, It will no longer support the weight of the rig. I had my Wag like this for several years with out a problem with the springs. If you do this frt and rear you eliminate Wag sag.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

hmmn, what is ride like? would it work with an 88 and parts from an 84? not after hgt, just stock would be fine
\'88 gwag,pure stock
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