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Iron Horse, thanks for the quick response. A $1000 for springs is alot of $$. I remember having springs made for the front of the '51 Willys truck for about $150 each (although that was 1988). The exact bid from Crawl Tech was "The FSJ 4" includes 4 full spring packs, 8 grade 8 u-bolts, brake line extenders, 4 hydro shocks specifically valved for the spring rates. The front springs are a 4 leaf spring, with tapered leafs for a great ride and flex. The front springs have a 310 lbs. spring rate. The rear springs are a 6 leaf pack and come complete with rubber bushings, slider pads and a helper overload. Spring rate on the rear pack is 400 lbs." I'll be doing a lot more checking prior to ordering. Thanks very much.
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