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Read back through some old posts on and found out that I had bought this engine in August of 2014 (5 years ago).
Refreshed some gaskets at the time and it's been sitting since then. I did occasionally turn the crank over by hand at least once a year.
The plan for the Wagoneer is:
Keep the 3.31 geared D44's.
Upgrade the p235/75R15 to LT's slightly bigger. Wife wants to keep the alloy rims.
Use a Dodge Diesel A518/46RH trans.
Use the Atlas Tcase 3:1 we bought 5 years ago.
Probably will have to do a 4" spring lift to clear front diff.
Other wise keep it looking stock as we can.
first startup since buying the 4BT
Found, the perfect Wagoneer to Dieselize, 1989 GW 360, 727, NP208
1980 IH Scout/4BTA/NV4500/Atlas 4.3/DYNO:172(HP),432(ft-lbs)25mpg

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