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Originally Posted by TPICherokee
We have record of all canceled orders. I see nothing from your wife's email or your email in April. I checked your names as well.

You say that now but all the facts and figures you used as evidence to slander us ($34 in shipping on something that should have been $10, paypal with wifes email, etc, etc) are exactly what was on the order in June.

I never called you a liar.

This whole post calls me a liar.

Since you are so hell bent on still calling me a liar and going so far out of your way to try and make me look dishonest. Even though I've explained it so many more times than any one ever should have to. You've refused to give me benefit of the doubt that what I say happened did.

Im the one who sat in the driveway with all my stuff torn down expecting parts I ordered that didn't come when they should have been there. The whole time my funds were pending (which means I can't use it) till it shipped. You say no harm done, but what a freaking hassle when your on the other end of it. If you only had in stock what you listed for sale this would have never happened.

Whatever your sucky wrong record keeping/inventory says happened or didn't doesn't matter to me. I lived it.

And I asked you nicely to remove my account from your website because you seem to have no problem sharing with the world information about me that was usernamed and passworded to access. Plus you did it just for the sake of an argument.

But you still continue...

You've upped it from just an unhappy customer who won't shop or recommend your site, to one who's now going to take it personal from now on.

I can't keep explaining this to you because is seems your tunnel vision doesn't seem to let you listen clearly. So I'll be done with that.
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