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I went back and dug through my old emails and orders, and I want to clear up a few things.

1. you registered for the discount on 4/18/16, and I replied to your email account (not your wife's) with:
I have adjusted your account to discounted status. Please note that once you log in, the prices you see have been automatically discounted, and you will need to log out to see retail prices. Also, note that the discount is up to 15% off most items, but there are some exclusions (suspensions, transfer cases, sale items, etc.).
-this should clear up that we explained how the discount worked, what the percentage range was, etc.

2. your account had the discount applied to it automatically, which means any time you are logged in, you get the discount. But, it looks like the two orders you placed were done as a guest, where you hadn't logged into your account. Thankfully, you had noted that you were an IFSJA member and we adjusted the orders manually to discounted levels for the parts that had discounts available. I had also emailed you to let you know that you were receiving the discount, as you had noted on the customer comment form that you weren't sure if you were getting it.

3. Regardless of the above back and forth, I realize that you are unhappy with us and don't want to purchase from us again. That is unfortunate. but definitely a choice you are entitled to make. Hopefully one day you'll change your mind and be willing to give us another chance. We'll keep the account active with the discount (and note that the account is under your email and not your wife's), and feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss it further.
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