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Originally Posted by TPICherokee
We are talking about two separate orders, I am talking about the one that we waited "one week' (which we emailed you the day after you ordered it) to contact you.

It was order # 49764

1. Order was canceled by you 6-7-2016 and ordered 6-5-2016. The only email address in the system is probably your wife's email, I won't post any of it here because we don't do that but it's a girls name.

2. This order was NEVER charged because you canceled it, as I said before you ordered 6-5, we emailed 6-6 and 6-7 you called and told Ryan that you never check your email and then canceled the order.

3. It doesn't show as a discount because that would nullify any extra discount codes you use so that wouldn't be fair to IFSJA members to not be able to use more discount codes than just the IFSJA, this why it doesn't show as a discount and you can check to see if you are getting the discount by clicking Your Account when logged in.

4. This order had 5 things in it (door lock springs ship free so they added $0 to shipping):

Tailgate Wipes Inner and Outer - Ships in a separate tube
Tailgate Glass Slide Channel in Body - Box #2
Tailgate Lock Cover Gasket - Box #2
Tailgate Slide Channels in Tailgate - Box #2
Door Lock Springs - Box #2 (never any shipping on these anyway)

So, as you see, nothing is inefficient at all, the TG Glass Slide Channel in Body won't fit in the tubes we use for the wipes. The website is doing exactly as we told it to on this order. It is too bad UPS charges $10 extra for that longer box but there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

5. Ryan was the one that took your call, I see his notes on the order.

6. I understand what you are trying to say and we take all criticism seriously, but I felt the need to respond to make sure any alternate facts were corrected so people reading didn't get just your side of the story -- IE one week to respond, charged my card and didn't ship order, etc, etc.

I checked your other order for ujoints and door lock springs. It looks like you ordered it 11pm on 7-12-2016 and it shipped 7-13-2016. Your card was charged for that order.

As far as the door lock springs, one thing to check, first, if they are installed properly, next check the voltage at your power door lock motor, I will bet it is about 9 or 10 volts. Over time, the door lock switch and plug corrode and don't make a good connection which loses voltage to the door lock motor. Once you make the rest of the system back to normal by putting new springs in it, the motor can't keep up. A lot of people put in relays so the full power isn't running through the switch. This should put your door locks back in factory working order.

If you want to call and discuss, Ryan is available 9-5 EST (with a lunch somewhere in there), he is one of the owners.


Still wrong.

And I bet your springs are too thick to fit between the space they need to go.
Way thicker than the stock ones. Making too much friction between moving parts to wear out my electric actuators well before it's time. I have to pull and push really hard to get them to go up and down because the springs are too thick and rub.

I never said you took a week to respond only that way after a week of waiting for what should have already arrived I had to respond to you when what I ordered, payed for, and expected by that time should have already been there. Which really sucks. And I never said you didn't ship anything I paid for. Only that you held my order after I paid on your website and expected me to wait two months longer for one item you didn't have to arrive.

You sure like to go out of your way to try to prove me dishonest.

Next time you go to your website and check me, do me a favor and remove my account and all my personal information because guaranteed you will not ever need it in the future and I certainly don't trust you to have it when you post information out of it up on public display like this either.
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