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Oh the ing joys of rebuilding this ing AC system.

Everything is officially new. EVERYTHING!!!

While charging, we weighed in freon at 2.25lb, and there were bubbles. So, we upped it to 2.4 . No bubbled.

But now it seems the brand new freaking expansion valve isn't working or there's a minor clog somewhere in the brand ing new system.

Regardless, it's winter, I'm not worrying about it for a few months and blah. I'll just tackle it every so often.

As for the service valves, FREAKING AWESOME-SAUCE FIND!!! They matched the original factory service valves to a T!!! So stoked...

However, I did remove the quick-disconnect internals and will order replacements that were used on the original Ford Mustangs, same piece if I'm not mistaken. Anyone else just delete the quick disconnect internals?
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