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York compressor failure.. Brand freaking new unit!

So, after doing everything to a Tee, brand new EVERYTHING, including a Brand Freaking NEW York compressor, not a rebuild, All new custom hoses, new evaporator, Evap switch, condenser & Dyer, this happens...

I'm almost down to the second can of R12, gauge is high, around 50PSI on the low side because I'm charging, almost 4 - 8 OZ of freon more to go to get to factory specs for the compressor and unit, then all of a sudden, BOOM!

Cover my face, fear set in, shut the motor down instantly, and there's dye ALL OVER THE BACK SIDE OF THE UNIT!

No hoses blown, nothing. So, it's either the rear seal of the compressor or the washer on the oil drain plug failed.

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