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FI Tech questions

Finally got my stepside back from paint

decided to step into a FI Tech EFI system

was a 6cyl, now 360 with R4B
currently have stock exhaust into NOS factory y-pipe
may or may not eventually go to headers and/ or duals

couple of newbie questions
(as in OMG what have i gotten myself into )

1 - with the "O2 Bung". I'd like to weld it into the y-pipe today. I was thinking it should go into the collector point of the y-pipe where both bank meet? make sense?

2 - i'd like to do a in-tank fuel pump. All i really know is it needs to be 58psi from what i've been reading. I have a new BJ's sending unit ready to into my tank, i just need to find a fuel pump to meet the requirements.

any comments, random thoughts, idea's are welcome

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