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Rolled my Wag in Arizona-Donor body found -recovery video posted -post #318 for link

We are OK. We really haven’t had the time or frame of mind to post about it till now. We’ve been trying to figure out what we are going to do and locate our dog who ran off into the desert after the accident and hasn’t been seen since Saturday night.

We were coming up out of the wash on an easy shelf road. Not too steep or off camber - I’d consider it a pretty mild trail. We were cresting a curve to the right and it looked like there was plenty of room and it wasn’t steep. What I couldn’t see was that the trail narrowed right at the crest and I needed to be further to the inside of the trail. As we started around the curve my driver side wheel left the trail. From what we understand, the jeep went down left fender first, tumbled and landed on the back corner of the passenger side roof and rolled to a stop on her wheels.

We’ve got lots of bumps, bruises, abrasions and Flint has some stitches in his scalp. The wag’s body is totaled and we think the frame is bent. The folks that retrieved her from the ravine while we were at the ER started her up and drove her off the trail and all the way home to Ralph’s house. We’ll post pix when we get a better internet connection.

But we are OK. This was an excellent reminder that no matter how much off roading you’ve done a small mistake can end up badly.

Flint is heading back out on trail today to look for Luna again. I am staying here and contacting animal control and shelters to get the word out about her.

I can't resize images to post them in the thread. Go to the link below to see high res full size photos:


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