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Originally Posted by Mahamotorworks
My only concern from the pics you took is the spring. If the shackle is moved like it is then some thing had to give on the other side of the axle. With out looking at it I would say you will need a new set of front springs. It dosent look like you will need to have the frame straightened. so you should be able to do most of the work your self.
Talk to me more about this.
I looked at it hard while it was up on the dolly.
I could not still where anything was broke or bent or damaged in any way.
Just the passenger axle as articulated in a bazaar way and got stuck in the position.
I think a large bar or rotate that shackle back in place, it appears to me that is will be good to go.
If I had the $$$, I would go for a lift kit and not mess with it.
If the springs are damaged, there are plenty of stock OE Waggie springs that I could get to replace this damaged ones.

Originally Posted by Mahamotorworks
It is a great find. I almost called to find out more info about the truck but decided it was too far for me to pick up. Good luck.
Well, I also thought it was a great find.
I got it for an excellent price.
You would not believe how smooth it ran, no knocks, misses, pings, taps, nothing.
Maybe you should have gotten it and saved me all this grief.
But then again, with insurance $$$ and with friends help, I may come out with a very nice and inexpensive DD.
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Originally Posted by Jayrodoh
...but if it works, I wouldn't touch it.
Originally Posted by Lindel
Best laid plans, yada yada yada...
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