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AMC 327 factory engine colors?

Hello folks -

Talking about a 67 Gladiator with the AMC 327 Vigilante motor.

I've decided that since I have to send out the TH400 for a rebuild, I have the parts to rebuild the t-case, the radiator needs hot-tanking, and the heads are already at the machinist... I might as well pull the block out for new rings and to dingle-ball the cylinders.

That gives me the opportunity to repaint the motor.

The question which a few minutes of Googling couldn't answer is: what is the factory color? I seem to recall seeing pictures of red motors.

Thanks for any advice.

PS - actually found shiny mylar reproduction "327 Vigilante" valve cover sticker on eBay - $15, and it makes me disproportionally happy.
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