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Originally Posted by COLOFIREMAN
From what I've seen most fords, except the 6.9, have a lot of running problems. And all fo them are very under powered for the size, plus all of them eat glow plugs and relays for lunch. The 7.3 IDI tow truck we have here is always down for one reason of another.... This is the main reason why people with Powerstokes are "destokeing" them....

The 6.9's and the non powerstroke 7.3's are pretty weak but not as bad as a GM 6.2 or 6.5.One of the main reasons everybody is "destroking" is that the cummins engines are cheaper and easier to find when it comes time for an engine.Dodge cant build a truck that will last as long as the engine does.A 150K mile cummins around here can be had for $1000-$1200 and a equal miled psd will be $1800-$2200 or more

For conversons the cummins 4&6BT's are the way to go hands down due to their simplicity.I see people making jokes about the powerstrokes but mine has 370K on it and has been a very good engine.They just have more electronics on them which makes a conversion usin them almost impossible.

I wouldnt waste my time or money trying to use a 6.2 or 6.5 GM diesel.

Disclaimer-I am not talking about the newer 6.0's and 6.4's Power strokes as they have lot's of problems.I am only talking about the 7.3 Power Strokes.
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