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I've driven a Mercedes 300d. It belonged to my great grandpa, and he bought it new. Because he was very old he drove it very little, so it has low mileage. It now belongs to my uncle (who builds diesel rockcrawlers for a living - so maintanence is not an issue).

That thing is slow!

The '82 Chevy c3500 flatbed that my 6.2 came from is a race car by comparison . Yes the Mercedes is an auto and the Chevy a manual - but that Mercedes is still a snail (but it does gets close to 40mpg...).
The eternal project -'88 6.2 diesel, '75 cherokee chassis, t-18 & dana 20, & WT dana 44's, front lock right, '67 j-3000 cab ('75 dash & pedals, '67 column, "leather" astro bench), '3? IH bed, 32" mtr's
Almost drivable!

'66 cj-6a tuxedo park - 225 v-6, bds 3" lift, ft disc brakes, PTO winch, OBA, Mobi-Arc OBW
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