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Next time I go DIY

I bought a Howell mostly because I liked the fact of it having a custom wriring harness and all the parts are new and tested. I did have my share of problems with the system but that was mostly because of a bum engine. The quality of the kit was great but left some things out that I would like to have next time.

Now that i had to figure out how to burn my own chips (thanks Bill and Binderbulleting!) I realize what limitations you have with that type of a packaged system. Now I am adding N/P switch wires, AC/Fan on, and speeds sensors to fine tune. Additioanlly, I will have to gut my Dizzy to add spark control.

Chaning the computer to the chips is really no big deal. I had never done before but completed it successfully in a little over an hour. Let me tell you, burning your own chip makes ALL the difference.
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