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Moving down to Holloman AFB...with a barn full of Jeeps

Hey all,

I will be moving down to Almamogordo area towards the end of October. A friend of mine just moved down there as well. We both have a ton of Jeep stuff, I have more full size junk than anyting else.

Anyway, we're only 45 mins from Cruces, we wheel a lot...a lot, work/fab/build Jeeps and other offroad toys. My current off-road rig is a CJ10a, his Tug is still a Tug so he wheels whats left of a YJ right now. My sig is pretty accurate with the Jeeps I still have.

Just wanted to say hey and hopefully meet some of you sometime.

83 J10 Honcho Stepside I6 injected (my baby)
88 GW parts rig
77 J10 Honcho original Z code 401!
99 GC Limited 4.0
93 YJ 401/400/300 on tons w/42" pitbulls
84 j10
81 J20 parts rig
04 Dodge 2500 Cummins
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