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I used my Wagoneer with its stock 360 to tow a 7000 pound trailer a couple weeks ago, and I live 6900 feet above sea level where the air is so thin that engines only produce about 75% of the power they do at sea level. My stock 175HP was more like 130HP. It kills low RPM torque the most. Pulling the mountain pass was interesting. It's a 5% grade that peaks at 7200 feet elevation. I held 50 MPH up it in 2nd gear. Most everything else went pretty smoothly. It took me a long time even on a level road to reach 60 MPH from a complete stop: at least 30 seconds, but no more than 60 seconds. But I got there.

So you know it is actually powerful enough to haul a trailer.

If I may say so, it seems to me like the problem here isn't your Jeep, it's you being in a rush to get somewhere. Patience and lowering your standards helps a lot in that regard. Not comparing your old Jeep to the performance of a modern vehicle helps a lot too. Those two things are the key to happiness with an older vehicle, and it's really the cheapest way. Just think of how much you will love your Jeep when you accept those two things. You won't be constantly unhappy and wishing for more. It's like reaching nirvana.

It almost hurts me to burst your bubble, but while the published horsepower figures on the AMC 360 changed quite a bit over the years, the actual power produced at the crankshaft while the engine was actually in the car did not change much.
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I love how arguements end as soon as Ristow comments. Ristow is right...again.

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