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Amc 360 piston swap

Ok i hope some people and clarify for me what im reading regarding 360 builds.

So i have my '83 360 apart for rebuild. I like the idea of having the AMC in the car. So i dont plan to swap it out. I want the engine to be powerful enough to haul a trailer with maybe at max another car on it ovr a short distance. As of now i can haul a bare trailer and it feels like i forgot to install the axles before i pulled it.....

I have edelbrock everything but at the end of the day i only have 140-160 to start with.... So i guess my question revolves around the pistons.

I can mess with the crank but at one point the 360 made what 225hp? id be happy with that. From what i can read the crank never changed BUT the piston design may have. Is that true?

If it is can i swap it out for a flat piston or something like what was used in the early 70's? Doing so to raise the compression a bit from the specified what? 8.25:1? Would that help in my search for SOME power lol
1983 Wagoneer Limited 5.9L
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