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Deep Pan/Crossmember

Ok so i know this has been asked but im not getting a definite answer from the threads.

1983 Wagoneer Limited 5.9L

First off the pan.
I bought a B&M aluminum trans pan. It wont pass the valve body and crossmember to fit. I could probably install a new trans mount and it might pass BUT im afraid the clearance would be to close in case i was to flex something to far between the trans mount and crossmember and crack the pan. Is there another aluminum pan that will clear more easily?

Second, lets say there isnt a better pan...
How about fabing up a new crossmember that would allow for the pan to be easily installed and dropped in case i needed too. PLUS i could make the crossmember to allow for a skid plate to be adapted to it when i go back to Ouray.... Has anyone done this? Made a crossmember that is.

Should i just return the aluminum pan and get a P3690730AB steel pan from Mopar, and not adjust the crossmember. It would be less work and cheaper... but would it be less beneficial in the long run... i mean at that point should i keep the stock pan and go on with my life?

What say you ? Thanks for any input.
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