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Originally Posted by Compound W
This is clearly the best and highest use ever conceived for that chair and your truck. high marks for engineering, fabrication and installation. Whatever transpires after this will be the ordinary product/result/decay of entropy. Well done.

Originally Posted by SOLSAKS

now lets get your cool wife in the chair, least for a picture.

I could see someone in the chair on the highway when you goose the throttle
and throw them backward.....

take care cranky.

dave in NC

Thank you, both of you.

My wife seldom allows her picture to be taken and has never even ridden in the truck, so it's unlikely I can get her talked into climbing up there and sitting in the chair for a pic. People I work with have been all too happy to sit in it and have their pictures taken.

I have however run into a small problem this the setup. The back end of the truck is far too light and the tires spin badly whenever I step on the gas on even slightly wet roads. I thought I had come up with a simple, easy and cheap solution for this...a ballast box. I have a couple of plastic military foot lockers and figured I'd just screw one down, add some sand bags and problem solved. Then came the design issues. The easiest place to mount the box would be right behind the cab but that would interfere with the rocking chair, so instead I decided to mount it at the very back, that way less weight will be required and it won't interfere with the chair.

So this afternoon I set about making a place to mount the box and mounting it

I personally think this is a good solution but my wife hates it. She hates it so much that I will probably remove it and make a smaller wooden box like she prefers. Gotta keep the wife happy afterall.
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