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Took my 87 GW to them, needed ALOT of work done to it, floorboards gone, roof leaks, rusted out places around windows.... etc etc etc the list goes on... I had the owner spend about 30 minutes walking around my baby with me detailing what i wanted done to it. I stressed all the rusted out places i wanted done the right way, no putty, i wanted it all cut out and new metal put in... welded. I had highlighted all the bad spots and spoke specifically on all areas on the jeep. I then talked paint job i wanted we discussed the dif types that they offered and we settled on what i wanted. the final thing i requested was a rhino lined interior due to not wnating future issues with rusting out again due to carpets. He took it all down and did some figuring and quoted me a price for the complete talked about repairs. At this time I added that i needed the jeep done by this time(gave him a date) due to an out of town planned trip. He told me no problem. I believe it was a month and a half period of time he had the jeep for. I went to check on the jeeps progress 3 weeks later... It was sitting unlocked outside their fence with nothing done to it.... needless to say this is south Mia so I was a little peeved. I went and talked to him and he ensured me he would have it started on the next morning.
Of course the next morning i checked, it was still outside the fence but the seats were all out of it... The end of the month came and i went to check on it, it had'nt moved..... I had after the first visit started writing down on 5x7 cards everything we talked about... times dates outcomes of work and conversation points we had aout the jeep.
5 days before we were scheduled to go on our trip and this was our vehicle we were taking... I went to him and the vehicle was still sitting outside his fence and not touched. with the only thing done was the seats taken out. I went to him with all my paperwork and calmly and professionally told him how f'd up this all was and what was I going to do now, this was our family vehicle and so on. I wanted to just pull the vehicle and leave, but he told me if i would leave it here for the work he would stop working on anything else and put all his guys on it and i could pick it up on the day before the trip..... stupid me i listened...
I told him okay and if he could promise me Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!ty work would not be done because it was last minute i would leave it here... and if he could gaurantee it would be done...he did this. Monday i did pick it up and all looked good but over the next 6-8 months it just got worse...
Every rusted out place he filled with putty and painted over.. the rhino liner rubbed off witht the edge of a boot. jeep leaked worse through roof now than it did before, they didnt even do anything to the body before they painted it, no pre treat at all no primer. It is now flaking off in 2-3 inch sections around the putty places and elsewhere. The old floorboards werent removed just new metal laid ontop of them... hmm metal to metal when wet what does that do... so new floorboards already rusting. They didnt treat or coat??? the welds they done for the floorboards so it is rusting there as well. they used massive amounts of rhino liner in spots where they didnt redo the floorboards like in the rear seat floorboard corners, which now have a big crack and light and all else comes through. They didnt even remove the glue from the fender wells from carpet, just yes you guessed it rhino lined lightly over it. they didnt even remove the seat belts to get the carpet from under them... just used a knife, cut it closeas possible to the seatbelt mechanism and left it.
And to top this all off, right when I first started driving it on our trip... they didnt replace the linkage retainer for the 4x4 vacuum switch so at about 70 mph the jeep shifted into 4 wheel drive going down the highway.... that was very not fun or cool at all... Months later when I had been leaviing messages and not getting any return calls from them i went to see them and long story short.... well we see your reciept of service but all our paperwork for this is in storage and unavailable at this time and we cant help you....
Oh yeah in addition, they stole my oem roofrack, my oem flood lamps and mounts from the front bumper and all decals. Stated they werent on it when it came in.
I have a picture diary of the entire thing if anybody still has doubts....
So was this enough info to verify?
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