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I'm nearing the end of the installation of an analog Holley EFI system. I've got most of it figured out, but my instructions are rather vague on where I should connect a couple of wires.

Situation: 86 GW, TFI upgrade in place already.

1. The white tach pickup wire: does this go to the negative side of the TFI coil? The aged manual isn't very clear. On the one hand it says to install it on the negative terminal, on the other it says to *not* connect anything to the terminals of a capacitive discharge ignition (which the Duraspark appears to be).
2. The red main power lead/relay setup: Do you connect this to the red wire on the Duraspark box, as the instructions imply, or do you just tie the relay to switched power?

Pictures would be appreciated. I'm hoping to get this thing reassembled and started tonight, it's really starting to irritate me because it's been apart for the better part of a month and I need to give the space up. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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