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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by porkchop:
Anyone know where I can get a good break down of the TH400? I am going to be replacing the tail shaft in the next couple of days and need a good break down of the tranny. Thanks.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Bryant, there isn't a blow-up of the TH400 on one page as there is of the D20 or such in any of the the TSM's or PM's. Just too many zillions of parts/circuits etc I suposse to put on one page. The hydraulic diagrams for the various cicuits take up pages
The best reference I can recommend besides the factory TSM is Ron Sessions book on the TH400. I think the full title is "How to work on and modify the Turbo Hdramatic 400 transmission". It's put out by Motorbooks Int'l and is avail at et al for about $20.
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