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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
My 401 is up and running after my rebuild but my oil pressure is not high enough for my liking. I am going to re-do my oil pump in the coming weeks but I want to drive my rig in the meantime.
What oil press you getting at idle and at road speed? These are not high oil pressure motors. As-in don't require big pressure numbers. What you using to read oil press, the stock elec gauge or after market mech? Is your 401 overbored within factory recommended specs? When experiencing your not happy with oil pressure what's the temp gauge reading?
I'm not a fan of many aftermarket oil additives. Just cause you toss in some oil thickening goop to make the gauge read better does not guarantee the oil w/goop is actually getting into the bearings. Oil isn't designed to just coat bearing surfaces to reduce friction/heat. It needs to "flow though/past" the bearing surfaces and remove the heat generated. Never used Motor Honey so don't know if it actually blends well with modern multi-vis oils to help or hinder??? It may just give you a false sense of security via the oil gauge. I dunno? If you decide to try it, do keep a good eye on your coolant temp gauge. It'll may give you a clue if the goop is helping or hindering. I do remember way back (60's-70's) folks ran STP/Motor Honey etc but that was back in the straight weight oil days, not multi-vis oils. If your bearing specs and oil pump specs are within factory spec you shouldn't need to run crazy thick oil or added goop. I'm many miles on the motor before rebuild and when you did your rebuild did you include new cam "AND" cam bearings? Worn cam bearings and main bearings will result in low oil pressure. If you decide to use the goop and your temp gauge is reading ok you're prolly not doing any harm. On the other hand factory FSJ gauges are for entertainment value only. Even with factory gauges on your pushrod motor you should be getting at least 10 PSI per 1000 RPM. If less than that you got a problem and it ain't the oil. Modern "brand name" oil is pretty darn good stuff and doesn't need user installed additives.
Best of luck.
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