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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
Taking it apart is fun, huh? Make sure you label EVERYTHING and don;t throw ANYTHING away until it is all back together. Sure looks straight! As sad as it looks without trim, it looks super straight! Excited for you guys to get it painted!!!

It sure is fun, other then trying to find a place for everything...more on that later.

Here is my attempt to be organized. I have numbered every piece of trim, and then drawn myself a Legend/Key for each section.

Now progress has been halted due to the afore mentioned lack of space for all this stuff. Not having enough storage in the garage, after we found out that "attic" storage is impossible, has put a hold on progress until I can get some house stuff finished. Go figure LIFE getting in the way, huh sounds familiar. This means I had to prioritize some things and figure out all our next steps.
So the new list is as follows:
Build a fence around our yard (had this on order just waiting on delivery)
Build or buy a small shed (this will clear out our "yard" stuff from the garage)
Buy another Costco Storage Rack to put Jeep parts on
Organize some of the new things weve boxed up into an indoor closet.

Then and only then will I have room to work again...
Then we will finish the 401 build as I will need to pull things off the 360 to complete it, once the 401 is done and the 360 is out, I will resume the disassembly and rust repair to get the body off to paint.

Phew that was alot, and with no juicy pics sorry all. Just wanted to keep you all informed. Progress is being made just not quite on the Jeep yet also I am in contact with a machine shop and will hopefully drop off the 401 block in the next 2 weeks to have some light machining done.
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