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Hi again! All the parts inside the TF 727 check out fine except the one band, whose lining fell apart. I have 2 questions for anyone in the know:
1- the front clutch assembly is supposed to have (according to ATSG manual) a "wave" snap ring at the top of the pressure plate. Mine is flat, obviously a "selective" type. Did the previous owner get lazy, or does it not matter?
2- the rear clutch plates have 10 teeth that fit into 12 slots of the housing. The manual mentions nothing of their orientation. Do the two areas with the voids match up on top of each other, or do they go in without matching them up? I did not realize this when I took them out. They remain in the same order, just don't know how they line up.
Once I get these answers I can put it all together.
Thank you very much,

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