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some news:

1) have installed a new crown temp sender.
with engine warm he has 28 ohms (looks for me ok. )

gauge is still at total cold.
with grounding the wire it goes to hot.

2) have E-Drive bulb!!
I used the bulb socket from the fasten belt bulb and did the wiring ...
turning the emergeny drive swith clockwise i hear a air noise and the bulb goes on! Yeehaa!!

3) the reduction shifts easy, with running enginge an Trans on N
And it works.

4 )after a few minutes driving at the yard a few turns i raised up the car.
it seems the transfer case is not so leaky as suspectet.
- the shift lever of the reduction: I have a new seal kit in front of me.

It is only one o-ring included, and i think it is for the control diaphragm

Why is the o-ring for the shift lever not included?
what is the correct size?
can i change them from outerside without remove the Reduction unit?

5) a further leakage is from the vacuum shifter cap.

6) a furhter leakage is the governor cover. can i remove it without drain the ATF? Will make a new gasket (gasket paper.)
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