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In case you haven't seen the QT TSM yet, there is a link to the 77 version here:

In 79 a few changes were made:
1 - The long rubber seal (o-ring) for the case halves was deleted. RTV is used to seal there.
2 - The paper gasket between the tranny adapter and QT was deleted and a groove was made for a rubber seal (o-ring) there. I imagine you can use the paper gasket there but I'm not sure of that.
3 - The vent is no longer a cap style. The vent on the Edrive shifter inspection plate has a nipple and uses a 3rd metal tube to vent up at the firewall in an upside down J shape.

That said... After 41 years, the QT could have been swapped out for a 73-78 unit too.
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