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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang

I am, too (optimistic!)! When you are replacing the seals on the input side, there are 2 seals there and they face opposite directions. Pay special attention when removing them so you know which way to install them, and when installing them so you don't start a new leak between the trans and the case.

Yes I have seen it on TSM 2D33 Fig 2D-50
the rear seal stops at the neelde bearing or before?
Only anywhere behind the seal bore?
The front seal the same?

have no special tools like in 2D-51

You have 2 input seals, then one seal for each output. When you seat the seal on the rear output (to the rear axle), it sits about 1/2" in the lip. Not flush.
Here is where I was working on that leak:

Also, not all cases use the huge O-Ring seal around the halves. I think only cases made in 1979. So when you take yours apart, you may or may not have one. If you do not have one, use RTV instead. I have also never disassembled a Low Range Unit. I take it off, clean it out with some break cleaner, and put it back on. I am not saying you should not disassemble yours, I just never have.

RTV is a fluid seal?

first I will test the torque for the diff cones. ... release should be between 80to 170 foot pounds
And how to test the chain without plunger indicator tool?
How many inches from the case to the chain when pressing someting in und

tension the chain?

Is there anything in the manual about shift linkage adjustment? I never had to mess with my shift linkage other than unhooking it to remove the trans and hooking it back up when I was done. It has always been where I wanted it to be.

When you say

Do you mean after a few meters it does not run good, or do you mean, you have only driven it a few meters on the yard and it does run good?

I have only driven it a few meters on the yard before the garage... moved in a circle and rear ..
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