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Originally Posted by wincher
Today I did a washing of the car and the underground and the engine.

have ordered this sealing kit for the Transfer Case and 4 bottles crown TCL-1 fluid
We have a tool for parts cleaning with a barrel an a pump, dont know the word for it.

I am optimistic

engine starts und runs good with the 70x47 rods.

But only a a few meters on the yard

The transmission linkage is still not right.
As before i have Park ok but Reverse is on N, Neutral is on D, Drive is on 2..... The reversing light is correct when the car drives reverse
Why is such a long path from P to R??
have adjusted the linkage beginning with N..
any tip? have to check them sometime.

Happy Easter!

I am, too (optimistic!)! When you are replacing the seals on the input side, there are 2 seals there and they face opposite directions. Pay special attention when removing them so you know which way to install them, and when installing them so you don't start a new leak between the trans and the case.

You have 2 input seals, then one seal for each output. When you seat the seal on the rear output (to the rear axle), it sits about 1/2" in the lip. Not flush.
Here is where I was working on that leak:

Also, not all cases use the huge O-Ring seal around the halves. I think only cases made in 1979. So when you take yours apart, you may or may not have one. If you do not have one, use RTV instead. I have also never disassembled a Low Range Unit. I take it off, clean it out with some break cleaner, and put it back on. I am not saying you should not disassemble yours, I just never have.

Is there anything in the manual about shift linkage adjustment? I never had to mess with my shift linkage other than unhooking it to remove the trans and hooking it back up when I was done. It has always been where I wanted it to be.

When you say
Originally Posted by wincher
engine starts und runs good with the 70x47 rods.
But only a a few meters on the yard
Do you mean after a few meters it does not run good, or do you mean, you have only driven it a few meters on the yard and it does run good?
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