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Originally Posted by wincher
Thanks for your encouraging words!
I have to do all this allone. I know only one guy with a chief, and he has one in very good state and is 800km away from me in Hamburg
So we talk only over phone and whatsapp , but he has not to do all that repair.
to 1) I have to dismount the low range unit under the car ?

to 2) I have a hydraulik gear jack and a lifting ramp. can i make the guide pins with metric screws? or wich size must the pins have? a friend has a turning machine...
to 4) the part time kit is interessting. but this is a step in the future maybe.

I fear that i have to do the engine to. complete seal kit for crankshaft, oilpan, cylinder head, valve covers.... and i hope i need not more like piston rings ....
1) As originally installed, there is a large C-Clip that holds a planetary gear on the transmission output shaft. You cannot take the case off the trans with that C-Clip on there and you cannot take the C-Clip off the planetary with the Low Range unit on there. It's pretty darn easy to remove the Low range unit, just a little messy. Probably a 15 minute job if you have never done it and there are no special tools needed. It's also relatively light and you can easily man handle it out of there.
I have read some people will re-install the low-range until/planetary without the C-Clip but I always install it.
2) Yeah, that jack will help a lot but it is still a bit awkward. The case (without the low range unit) is not tooo heavy, it's just an awkward shape. You could use metric pins if you re-tapped the holes to metric, I guess. I don't remember the size, sorry about that. If I recall, they are all the same size, so if you pull one bolt out, you could use that bolt to find the correct size to make your pins.
4) For sure! I Have never opened the stock QT diff pack so hopefully someone else will be able to help you out there if you have problems.
Oh, One more lesson learned
5) I used about 4 cans of brake cleaner on cleaning mine up. I bought 6 cans and used most of them. If you need parts, use the want ads on this forum. If you try to buy them new or use EBay, you are going to get raped. Most of us have spare QT parts laying around we love to ship off for cheap.

I have been fighting fluid leaks since the day I bought my truck and it still leaks. Take one leak at a time. Before you do the rear main seal, though, verify it is not leaking out the back of your intake manifold. When it leaks out the rear of the intake manifold, it drips down the head, down the side of the block, and drips off the bottom of the engine or sometimes it just dribbles down the back of the block to the oil pan. Often times it looks ALOT like a rear main seal. I would do your valve covers just because (that's a 30 minute job, it's cheap, and you can almost certainly bet they leak). Then, go clean your engine off and see where the next leak is coming from.
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