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Originally Posted by wincher
nice to hear from you!

fuel is in the middle. should be ok.
oil is down, temp is down.
after grounding the wires at both senders both gauges go to full or hot.
cant meassure a ohmic resistance from the oil gange

the error must be in the two senders.

front seat belt re-tractors down the on the floor ? I have no idea what a re-tractor is... At my opinion the seat belt timer is missing, the connector is without function
Yep! Another quick check; you should have 5V at the connector to the senders when the key is on. If you do, a) make sure you have a really good engine ground and b) order a new sender.

Congrats!!! That's fantastic that you fixed these!!!
Temp sender is cheap and easy to replace. Oil pressure is pretty cheap and fairly easy to replace so you are in a good place.

Yeah, the seat belt retractor is bolted to your floor just behind the front seats, against the side of your cab. It's the box that collects/rolls up your seat belt when you take it off. There is one wire that is connected to it. If I recall, it runs under the carpet to that box. There is a little plastic door like cover on the back of it and one huge Torx bolt holds the whole thing to the floor.
Originally Posted by wincher
the transfer case is leaking, i want to buy a seal kit.
and I will test the chain length, i need the fluid ..
i cant get a licence plate . corona closed agency.
so it is time to do further repairs on the old big installation site.
Will look at rockauto or bjsoffroad for parts..
HAHAHAHA!!! Of course it does!!! They all do!!! I have opened mine about 5 times in the last 3 years and ALWAYS use new seals when I put it together yet it still leaks! Drives me nuts!!! I really hope you have better luck than I do!
The case is pretty darn easy to work on and the service manual has most of what you need to know. Some quick lessons learned:
1) To remove the case, it is easier to unbolt the front drive shaft at the front axle and remove the case with the front drive shaft attached. You will also most likely have to remove the low range unit before unbolting the case.
2) You would be VERY wise to make guide pins for installing the case. I bought some expensive bolts, cut the heads off, and used those as guide pins this last time I installed mine. It is VERY easy to mess up the seals when you are man handleing the case to put it back in if you do not have alingment guide pins.
3) I found the easiest way to service the case is to remove it whole, take it apart on your bench, clean everything, replace all the seals, install the half that bolts to the transmission first, then put it back together underneath your truck.
4) Even if you do not have a mile marker part time kit, the instructions for it are online and really good. There are tons of write ups about this case. do your research and it is an easy 6 hour job and not very expensive (except for the chain, that sucks, it's expensive).
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