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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
Oh my goodness! My flight from LAX to Honolulu today, 787-9 (Dreamliner), American Airlines flight 9250. 9 seats across, about 40 rows deep (200+ seats!!), Brand new airplane. There were about 9 passengers on board including me!!! No joke, I think there were more crew than passengers.

Also, as we landed at Hono, there were Hawaiian Air aircraft lined up and down the runway. Had to be a good 50 of them just sitting there, idle. NUTS!!!

March 28th was the last Hawaiian airlines flight from Seattle to Honolulu. A couple days before that was the last flight to Maui. These were A330-200s which seat something like 280 people. Several of them in the last days left with zero passengers, just the flight crews. Some say it was because people are required to be in quarantine for 14 days after landing which really wouldn't be that bad if you have a bungalow with a pool and view but it sucks if you are going for vacation and get stuck in a hotel room for 14 days.

Seatac is largely dead. flights have been cut to a minimum and are largely empty and the airlines are hemorrhaging money at a rate that cannot be sustained for very long.

The good news is Delta has resumed a few flights from SEA to Japan and South Korea which tend to pay for themselves in freight, which is probably the reason AA is willing to fly an empty Dreamliner to HNL, it was probably loaded with freight which would offset the lost revenue from the empty seats.
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