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Originally Posted by MysticRob
I really haven't seen a go-to list of things that are swappable between years, but more importantly haven't seen a list of things that changed between the years.

Interesting example here:
The seat belts in my 88 are pretty moldy, dirty, stained, etc, so I figured I'd jump on ebay and scout replacements and costs. I came across a couple different types, especially regarding the retractor mechanisms that sit near the floor:

Supposedly from an 89. Is it really?

Another, slightly different one, which is what I have in my 88: D

I know ebay isn't the best source for parts descriptions, so questions are:
1. Did seatbelt anchors actually change during the late model run?
2. What else changed that we should be aware of?

I find this all especially interesting because my GW is so torn apart that it's been difficult to understand what is or isn't correct, like door panels, with their short (85 & under) vs long wood grain trim pieces (86 & above).

It appears the anchor mounting configuration remained the same, but the housing changed. In addition, '89 up used a "Sand" color, which is lighter than the '88 "Tan" color. Still, the parts catalog has different part #'s for the '89 from the '88 and the '91, and even that model year has two part #'s, one for belts up to 3/22/1989, and another for trucks after that date. I bet the mount is the same, however the outer cover design may have changed.

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